SQL+ Semantic Tags

SQL+ Semantic Tags represent a major shift for SQL developers, enabling them to take advantage of functionality that surpasses what SQL provides natively. With features like parameter validation, enumerated return values, and customizable display properties, developers can create more advanced data services with ease.

It’s a simple, productive way, to build better data services without compromise.

SQL+ Semantic Tags
SQL+ Code Generation

Code Generation

The SQL+ Code Generation Utility parses your semantically tagged SQL, then uses it to build high performance data services.

Generated code will always outperform transpiled code, that's a no brainer, but you also get an intuitive to use, easy to maintain code base.

If you need to make a change to the SQL, you'll be making that change in a single location, meaning you have a single source of truth throughout the enterprise.

With SQL+, you get the full power of the SQL language, without the drawbacks.

Static Data

Why waste valuable resources to query the database when data doesn't change?

By simply writing a SQL Query, you can create static lists of data, and access it without ever calling the database.

In addition, you can create enumerations, and attach them to a parameter using the --+enum tag and get preemptive foreign key validation.

Be kind to your database, and it will purr like a kitten.

SQL+ Build Static Data

It's fast, very fast

SQL+ generated services execute up to 4 times faster than Entity Framework, and up to 2 times faster than Dapper. No other ORM comes close.

You will also see a boost in productivity. No more writing code that simply wraps SQL, the SQL+ Code Generation Utility has that covered.

SQL+ is free and open source.

Get Started in No Time

SQL+ makes it easier than ever to build high performing, robust data services that out perform every other tool on the market.