How does SQL+ Compare to other tools

How does SQL+ Compare to Entity Framework?

While both technologies offer a boost in productivity, developers typically find that they are slightly more productive with our tools. The real difference comes down to performance. SQL+ services run up to four times faster than Entity Framework and are much more reliable.

How does SQL+ Compare to Dapper?

The only common ground between Dapper and SQL+ is that they are both SQL first ecosystems, however, Dapper creates way more problems than it solves. It introduces needless risks when the underlying schema is changed, and services are only "stringly" coupled to models. Worse yet is the fact that those descrepencies are ignored at compile time. You have to write much more code with Dapper, and any validation that is required at the field level, is disconnected from the actual SQL.

SQL+ services are generated based on the single source of truth present in the database, and field validation provided by the semantic tags gets escalated to the service layer. In addition, SQL+ services run up to twice as fast as Dapper.

SQL+ Origins

What are the origins of SQL+?

SQL+ was conceived and built by Alan Hyneman, a computer scientist from the United States. Alan, not happy with any of the existing offerings decided to build one that provided a SQL first approach. Ten years and many iterations, you have the current version publicly available.

When was SQL+ first released?

Though it has been around in one iteration or another for nearly 10 years, it has only been available publicly since 2021. Since then, it has expanded to 19 countries, and over 1 million files have been generated.

What about support?

For those who support us we are happy to support you and guarantee your success!