While SQL is a powerful language for database programming, it's not the most developer friendly when used from external applications. In addition, writing code that does nothing but wrap SQL is time consuming, and prone to errors. It’s not the kind of work that developers line up for.

SQL+ solves these problems by extending the SQL language with Semantic Tags. By simply adding these tags to your SQL, you get functionality that goes beyond what SQL supports natively, and with the SQL+ Code Generation Utility, you can build all your data services with the click of a button.

Software developer writing SQL.

The Only ORM Made For SQL Developers

Other ORM's try to eliminate SQL, we fully embrace it. With SQL+ you get to leverage existing SQL skills.
Quick and Simple
When you reduce development AND build more robust code, everyone wins, especially your customers.
Lightening Fast
On average, our services execute four times faster than Entity Framework, and nearly twice as fast as Dapper.
Custom templates are available to fine tune generated services to exact specifications. Need a custom template?
Fully Documented
World Class Docs take out the guess work and get you up and running quickly. You'll be building code in no time.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away from enjoying the best ORM for C#
Write your SQL
1Write SQL

Start with SQL, the only language specifically designed for database progamming.

Add Sematic Tags
2Add Tags

Use the SQL+ tags to add validation, enumerate return values, and fine tune your services. Code snippets make it easy.

Generate Code
3Generate Code

Launch the SQL+ Code Generation Utility (Visual Studio extension), and with the click of a button, generate your services.

Write Once, Run Everywhere

On premise or in the cloud, SQL+ generated services will outperform every other tool on the market.
Write once run everywhere
Get Started

You'll Be In Good Company

With over 1 million files generated in over 19 different countries.
SQL+ Company User
SQL+ Company User
SQL+ Company User
SQL+ Company User
SQL+ Company User
SQL+ Company User
john d waidhofer
John D. Waidhofer
This utility produces code that runs faster than entity framework. It allows for much easier development when starting from the database schema perspective. This is a must have for programmers that have spent the time understanding SQL.
vincent grazapoli
Vincent Grazapoli
I use this tool practically every day, and can't imagine building data services any other way. SQL+ rules in every category. Better productivity, better performance, it's just a great tool. I don't understand why this isn't the standard for SQL.
sarah parkensburg
Sarah Parkensburg
Took me a little bit of time to get my head around all the features, but once I did, WOW! I can build a stored procedure and wire it up to a form in a half hour or less, and it just works. Thank you so, so much for building this great product.
kirk barrett
Kirk Barrett
Killer tool! I've used this on several projects now, and it's just an amazing way to simplify out code base. Silly things like spelling errors and type mismatches are a thing of the past, and all services point to a single source of truth.